Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inspired by: Skittles!!!!

Hey Y'all!!

I was checking out Makeupgeek Again, and I saw how she had a look based on Skittles, during her "Candy Inspired" time. So I tried it out, and It was awesome!! And this can be an awesome Weekend Eye makeup...And then you can make it more bold, for a more dramatic look!

What you need:

1)stiff Dome Brush

2)Fluffy Dome Brush

3) Eye Primer

4)Eye shadows-In the colors you want

5)Eyeliner & Mascara/Fake Eyelashes(if you want)

How To do(the way I have it in my pic)...

1) Put a even layer of Primer over your lid, up to the brow bone.

2)Using the Stiff Dome Brush put blue in the inside corner of the lid about 1/4...(Be careful with this can be 'potent')

3) take a light green-lime green...we're using this more as a transaction color between the blue and the feather it...make sure to blend the two so there is no line....this is don't want to much otherwise you won't have enough room for the rest of the colors.

4) Take a yellow shadow, and put that on the 3/4 section of the lid...make sure there isn't a major line between the yellow & Green. And make sure there is room for the pink!

5)Take a little bit of hot pink (like the blue a little goes a long way) And put this in the outside corner of the eye.

6)Take the Fluffy Dome Brush, and pick up a little bit of brown, and put this on top of the pink...making your crease...

7)with the same brush, take a color close to your skin color that isn't shimmery, and start at the brow bone, and work your way down to as there isn't a defining crease....

8)Do your eyeliner & Mascara...and enjoy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I found a MAC Giveaway + Blog Sale


Hey yall, I found a blog that is right now doing a MAC giveaway plus sale!! So head on over and check her out!!! LovePink, she's got some great deals right now!! (Quick the giveawayends June 19th!!)

~Rae Byuel~

Thursday, June 4, 2009

~A 'Casual' Updo~


(our inspiration)
What You Need:
~A Fine Tooth Comb (if you have flatter hair)
~Bobby Pins
~Cool Headband
~Hair Spray
~Straightener(Bangs) Curling Iron(if you have straight hair.)

Getting Started...
-Put a light spraying of Hair spray through your hair (this is to help keep it in place once set)...and then take a small section at the top of your Crown, and comb (w/in an Inch- Inch 1/2 from roots) downward toward scalp. This will give you height. Then put another LIGHT coating of Hairspray on teased location. (Repeat with other sections of hair until desired fullness)

-loosely Sweep Sections of hair to nape of neck (either directly in back or to one side...I prefer to one side or the other) And loosely arrange them to look 'carefree' Like Taylor Swift has here< (I know its hard to see the back, but you get the idea of the look we're looking for)
- Once hair is in Place, spray with hairspray to make for a lasting 'do' And when that is finished, take you Headband, and Place it right behind where your bangs start.(like Sandra Bullock ^)
- Then Take Straightener or curling iron and do your bangs...You can use either tool, to straighten them...the curling iron will give you more 'bounce' to your bangs, which would look great for this style. And then if you like the strand of hair being out like can lightly curl that as well!
Do one finale 'go over' And enjoy your evening!!!


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