Monday, January 26, 2009


Ok everybody, Spring and Summer are soon upon us, and if you need a swimsuit, now's the time to get one, before they are over picked! In this post, I'll show you a couple of different sites where you can get some really cute Swimsuits!
Swimsuit to the right: Is a Vintage 1950's Swimsuit, Isn't it darlin!? I wish I could find on like it! But I've had NO luck(it is not featured on any of the sites listed here today...srry.)

Delia's... This is where I'm getting my new swimsuit, they have a large selection of all kinds, 1 pieces, Tankini's, Bikini's, and you can mix and match them to fit your style. Not only do they have cute Swimwear, but they help you by calculating your measurements, to tell you what you wear in their sizes!

Kohl's... They have everything from Sports swimwear to lounging around the pool, in different styles, and colors!

Sears...Whenever I hear of Sears, The first thing I think of is Appliances...but wait, they have more than that! lol. Now sears has some cute swimsuits, but they also have some cover-ups if you looking for them!

Target...This store is more on the cheaper side for their swimsuits, but like Delia's you can mix and match your swim wear!

Wal-Mart...They can have cute Bikini's for tanning, and they have some Swim Cover-ups!
All the Sites above, also carry a Juniors, and Little Girls section for their Swimwear!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Different Kind of French Tip

I did these on my friend, Kayla, I can't remember where we got the idea from, but this is how we did it.
Step 1: Remove any Nail Polish on Nails...(If you have no nail polish, still swipe some Remover across nails, to take any oil off.)
Step 2: Pick out Colors.
Step 3: take some tape, and put it diagonally across the nail (about half way)
Step 4: Rub Nail Polish Bottol between Your hands to warm up The Polish.
Step 5: Paint the Side of Nail, Opposite of Tape. Let Dry. (You can use a blow Dryer to speed up the prosses.)
Step 6: Remove Tape slowly. Than, take other Color, and stedilly paint other half of nail. Let Dry completly!
Step 7: When Nails are completly dry, you can do you French Tip. Let Dry
Step 8: Put on your Top Coat and Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~Double Twist~


I saw this Hair style on Cheaper by the Dozen 2 , So I tried it out, and it's super cute! and easy to do!

Step 1: Brush through hair, depending on your activities for the day, spray a light mist of Hair Spray through your hair.

Step 2: Pull your upper hair into a half Pony, secure with a small hair-band...I used the plastic hair rubber-bands, that you can find at Wal-mart.

Step 3: Twist the hair secured, then twist it around the hair-band, while putting bobby pins in along the way. (use bobby pins that match your hair color, so that you are less likely to see them)

Step 4: Pull the rest of your hair into a lower half pony, right below your bun, leave just enough space to twist the hair around.

Step 5: Repeat Step 3.

Step 6: Make sure your hair is secure, you may want to shake your head, to make sure your bobby pins will hold. And then spray your hair with a final Light Misting of Hair Spray,(if it's a more dressy night, Use glitter hair spray to make it sparkle.) Do your bangs, and Enjoy!

~ I have used this hair style for both Church, and an outing to Stone Mountain! It's looks great, and it's super cute! As You can see from the photo, I did it for a more casual look! Let me know how it works out for you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Different Sites...

Here are some different sites that I like to look at...

Here's the Blog to my closest friend...
A Southern Girl's Beauty Shop , There she does a lot of the same thing that will be posting here. Makeup, Hair, and Fashion tips. I strongly advise checking out her site!!!

My Friend also Showed me this site, It shows you different ways, to get different looks, like eye makeup and things.
Makeup Geek

I'll update, whenever I find a new site!

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