Thursday, April 30, 2009

~Lovely Pink Eyes~

Ok, so I saw this on, and I fell in Love with it. but since I didn't have EVERY color she called for, I experimented...and it was FUN!!! I highly recommend having fun with your eyeshadows, use a color you wouldn't normally use, and just start having fun! If you have a hard time with getting 'ideas' for what to do, check out either my site, A Southern Girl's Beauty Shop, or Makeup Geek (who has tutorials, on how and what to do.)

Step 1: Do your eye concealer, and then do your eyeshadow primer.

Step 2: (this is what I did) I used a medium shade of Pink eyeshadow, and you put that all over your eye lid, up to the crease.

Step 3: I took a 'hot' pink loose eyeshadow, and mixed it with Water, because I didn't have any Eye drops handy, and mix till its not to runny and not to have to play with it. And put that on the outer 3/4 of the eye lids.

Step 4: Take a blender brush, and take a light pink shadow, and blend the harsh line of the dark pink upward, but not to much, the contrast of the colors, is what makes it cool!

Step 5: take a shadow close to your skin color, and put it on your eyebrow bone, and blend it down to the end of your eyebrows. Take a little bit and put it in the corner of your eye (by your tear duct)

Step 6: Do your eyeliner, and Use a Volumizing Mascara, and since your eyes are so 'Wow' do the rest of your face a more natural look.

To see the Tutorial that I based my look on....check it out

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