Monday, February 16, 2009

Face Wash

What kind do I use?

That's an interesting question..I've used quite a few...and i've done looking into some of the other ones...

Clean & Clear:

Great Wash...I've used both their regular and their Acne line...Works good for minor acne.

And the great thing is it doesn't cost much!

Acne Free:

Just like Proactive...they say, me personally i've never used proactive. The only complaint about this product was, that I couldn't find replacements to the kits. So I had to stop..But it worked Great (I used the stronger acne formula)

The Wave by: Neutrogena

I've used this one too...It was a nice change to face wash. It kept your hand oils off your face. But in the middle of using it, my face went through another change, and got I had to start washing my face 3 times a day, to keep the oil down...Not a good thing to do when you have to buy replacement Pads.

Neutrogena Acne Line:

After the Wave i just switched to their Acne line, w/their gel cleanser...It's cheaper and last longer...Then I use their Acne Moisturize w/ Salicylic Acid (their cleanser has that too) and right now i'm looking for a toner w/ Benzole Peroxide in it...I read that it works best to mix these two b/c they both help different symptoms of Acne.
(Neutrogena came out with a new line called SkinID, but it cost $40 to get your started kit, and it's only online...that's a bummer...but here's the link..At the site, you can do an evaluation, and they will make a kit just for you...if I had the money I would...but I don't so o well...but maybe you can! Check it out!)
A Great thing about Neutrogena is that It has a makeup line as you can get your foundation and things from the same company!

A Great thing about all the Products I listed here(except Acne Free, you'll find at Walgreens) You can Buy them At Walmart!

Please leave a comment with what you use, and how you see it working, to help others find one face wash that will work right for them!

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