Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stay Matte Rimmel Foundation

Ok Y'all, this is my first product review really, and I know you probably have other sites that you go to, to see what a product is like, but I hope that you will eventually come to my site as well to see my take on a product(s).

Review of Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation:

A Couple of weeks ago, I went to Ulta, and bought Stay Matte Rimmel Foundation to try it. I usually can only use mineral makeup because of how oily my skin is, when I use liquid my face is shiny almost instantly and it always feels like it will just run off. But this Stay Matte Foundation Hasn't done any of this, In fact, I can put it on and my face will stay Matte for at least 10 hours (except for the normal amount of shine that comes from being in the heat, or just regular oil releasing from the skin...but you are basically Matte :), I have never had to wear it for a full 12 hrs, which is how long the bottle says it will keep your face flawless and shine-free.

When You put it on, it feels more like a tinted moisturizer than a foundation. And keeps your face feeling nice and soft.
I Personally am the Ivory, and it matches my skin tone almost perfectly...now if I happen to get a tone in one section, you can see it....I just have to blend it a bit more! I Hope this Review Helps you, and possibly persuades you to buy it.
You can Purchase this Product @ Ulta
I Recommend this Foundation and give it a 81/2 out of 10 on my charts....

To the FTC and whomever else it may concern, I bought this item with my own money and have not been, in any way encouraged to write a review, either positive or negative.

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