Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally! My ELF Haul!

Ok, so This has been in my 'Reviews' Tab for awhile now...but I'm finally getting around to it!
(Keep In Mind, this is my own personal opinion of the products I've purchased.)

Here's A Photo of how the products where shipped to me, and arrived.
What I Ordered:
-A Full Set of Brushes (Came w/ab 12)
-Eyeshadows...(9 of them)
-Eyeliners (3)
-Translucent Powder
-Shimmer Pallet
-Oil Blotting Sheets
1)The Brushes- I got the cheaper end of brushes from their site...For being $1 each they aren't bad, I've had/seen better, but if your just starting out, and don't have a lot of money...then these will work fine.
I did get one of their Studio Brushes, and I love it! Now these are more expensive...but still are not a bad price.
2)The Eyeshadows- Again, not bad for being $1, there is one shade that has like no pigment to it...what I mean is that when I swatched it on my finger, there was hardly any color there. But with the rest it was surprising! (1 of these will be in the giveaway)
3)Eyeliners- They say these are creamy and wont tug on your eye....That's not true...I do not recommend buying their takes quite a few strokes to get any color to show up.
4)Translucent Powder- This was actually bought by my mom...And she LOVES it! she keeps it in her purse and she highly recommends this product. She says its a nice light powder that takes away your shine....
5)Shimmer Palette- I love this, it has about 5 different colors, and It works good for highlighting your Cheeks! (It does crease when put on the lids....this can be used for cheeks, eyes, and lips) I haven't used it on my lips yet...but I will let you know later on.
6) Oil Blotters!-love, love, love these...they are life savers to me. I keep them in my purse and use them whenever my face gets too shiny (which happens to be basically all the time) so these are a must have for any one with an oily face!
7)Blush- I got their blush called Shy...And It's a really pretty pink....but it is pink, and I know not everyone loves pink, but yeah. Its a nice blush, and I can't wait to get a few more!
Now their sizes are not huge but for the price you're paying, I wasn't expecting it to be huge...but you do get a lot of product for what you pay...and over all I like e.l.f. and I will be getting more from them!
Visit e.l.f.
(Coming soon, the Haul on what I got from Ulta...and most of it will be in the giveaway....I got some great deals!)

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