Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finding 'The' Easter Dress!

Judy Garland & Fred Astair In Easter Parade....Don't you just love her dress? White all over with just a hint of color with the Gloves?!?!

My search for 'the' Easter Dress this year was alright...Personally I'm short enough that it's not that hard for me to find one that comes to the middle of my knee or below (personal standard ladies) But my sister on the other hand...Wasn't so lucky! She has the long legs in the family and every dress she tried on was either too big (she's a skinny girl) or too short! Talk about Stressful! We finally found one at Belk for her....Not one that she would have necessarily of picked herself...but cute just the same!

After finding the Dress...It's time for accessories! My Dress is a Black & White Polka Dot (large polka dots) dress...and on Easter I prefer more color than that...So I found a bright Yellow Belt for it!!! (Love this) and some yellow earrings...I'm not much of a jewelry wearer but I needed some more yellow...I Really wanted Yellow Heels for this dress too...but I couldn't find any...I found a really cute pair of yellow stilettos (matched the belt perfectly) but they were above my 'high level' (another personal standard)

This is a good idea of what my dress looks like minus the rose....(I paint shopped in the Yellow belt :)

What about you? How did your Easter Dress Shopping go? Anything about the styles that you didn't like? Did you find 'THE' dress? or just have to settle for one?
I would love to hear!

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Brooke on April 5, 2010 at 5:29 PM said...

This dress is insanely adorable!!! I want it!! lol Hope you had a nice Easter :)

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