Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~Tricks from Me to You~

Hey Y'all,
I've Been thinking, and I know I have a hard time with my own Beauty Budget, and I thought...I bet other's are too...So Over the next few days, I'll be posting different Tricks for saving your wallet, and Helping you In a pinch! One's that Have helped me, and others that I've been hearing about from other people!
Useful Trick #1:
Clean Your Brushes....

If Your anything like me, (and are new to the makeup scene) You may not have known that you are supposed to wash your brushes every week...and use a brush cleaning spray everyday, to cut back on bacteria! So I want to tell you my/woman's world's sercret to doing this on a budget!

Your Everyday cleaning...
right now I use Sephora's Brush spray...just their mini's about $6! Not bad...Clinique has a large bottle for about $13 I think. It doesn't take much for this....

> Spray Directly on Bristles...then Wipe off on a clean/old fluffy towel, and do this till your make up is no longer on there make sure to put all the bristles together....then either hang upside down to dry, or set them on a towel, with the bristles hanging off the end,(this helps them to dry faster, and not send water to the glue end of your brush)

Weekly Cleaning...
There are a couple of ways to do this!

1: Use EVOO(extra virgin olive oil) on a paper towel folded in half 2 times. And rub your brushes into it, you will see the dirt on the towel...once done, rinse with warm water...Then take a sponge, wet it with the warm water, add a squirt of Baby shampoo to the sponge, and swirl your brushes thoroughly (this is to get the oil out of your brushes) wipe off with a fluffy/old towel. then either hang upside down or on the towel until dry.

^This will also soften any of your bristles that happen to be a tad stiff.

2: Get a Face wash (make sure it has nothing extra in anything for acne...) and do the same thing as you would with the baby shampoo, but skipping the oil step. Since the face wash already has the things for removing makeup in it, it will clean your brushes in no time!!! then wipe off, and either hang upside down or hanging slightly off a towel.

Face Wash I use...Clean & Clear's Makeup Removing Cleanser
Here's A List from Sephora of other useful Brush Cleaners!

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