Thursday, September 24, 2009

~Tricks From Me to You~

Useful Trick #2

Making Your Eyeshadow Last!

I know that here in the South, on hot days and such...that your eyeshadow can crease...and does so quite often. Ever Wonder how to stop that?

1: Buy some Eye Primer...You can get eye Primer from most Makeup Lines...Some of my favorites...

> Two Face Primer- Shadow Insurance....@ Sephora $17 or @ Ulta $17 (right now(9/09) get $3.50 off any $10 Purchase using code. 28166)

>Urban Decay-Primer Potion...@ Sephora $17-$22 or @ Ulta $17

>Micabella Eye Primer (this one lasts 4ever..but not cheap!! $44.95 Yicks!)

2: Can't afford to Get a Primer? Or just run out? Have no fear, for a quick use, get out your Lip Balm!

>Glide on a little lip balm- the thick waxy kind that comes in a stick...not the gel you get in a jar...put over your lids like a normal primer, and add your eyeshadow....

>I do suggest getting a good eye primer...but I understand if you have to save for it, or you forgot to get some last time you were in town, and now your out!

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